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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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i thought bart was running. i'm sensitive. >> now, a lot of people feel that way. the bart strike, as you know is over. service is back to normal. but that did not stop a lot of commuter frustrations this morning. people showed up to take trains at 4:00 a.m. found the station doors locked and there were no workers in the booths. >> the first train didn't roll out until almost two hours later and then, there were major system delay that's
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continued because of the staffing problem autos good afternoon, everybody. >> let's take a look at how the traffic is doing on this first afternoon commute. >> yes this, is a live look at the traffic in the skyway in downtown san francisco. and looks like this every day. i came in at around 2:00 this afternoon and it was backed up this, has been going on hours. another live look at the traffic. this is the san mateo bridge. heavier traffic is going back to the east bay. it's normal this, actually looks lighter than usual at 4:00 in the afternoon. we we'll keep you posted. >> union leaders and management meeting now to finalize details of the agreement worked out last night. so far, neither side is releasing specifics about the deal. >> we want members to have the opportunity to review to it ask questions and get everything flushed out in
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their minds before we get into deep details. >> union members are now in the process of reviewing the offer and will vote on knit five days. the leaders of the two major unions expect it to pass. if it does not, you can see a return of picket lines next week. >> this morning's massive confusion felt like a continuation of the strike. >> yes. waits frustrating. amy hollyfield was there when the first train of the day rolled out. >> bart's walnut creek gates opened at 4:00 a.m. relieved and enthusiastic customers waited for the first train. then, announcement came. the stations would close until further notice.
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>> disappointed i thought it would be a nice ride nchl now, very to drive in. and right back, again, here we go again. >> bart spokesperson said that there is limited service. >> for others back to shuttle bus chz bart did provide again today, people felt inconvenienced. >> i kept get heing messages rain is going to run. so i just waited around. i got the message we're going to have to do something again. so i got dressed quickly. >> this first day after getting a pay raise you can't make to it work and get trains run something doesn't seem right. >> a spokesman says employees didn't make it in because of the late announcement. >> this goal was a difficultown reach.
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proving to be more than we can do in terms of staffing. >> by 6:00 a.m. a25 of the usual 45 trains were running and the strike, over. gratefulness, flowing. >> excited. never excited to go to work but today, i was. >> a lot of commuters took ferries this morning. some say they have grown to like the ferries because of the seating, food service and great views of the bay but others had to scramble to the ferry terminal because the trains weren't running. >> last night, hearing the trains aren't running so trying to get onto the ferry. >> i heard it's really crowded. i didn't want to ride for that money. >> we found commuters switching to ferries never looked back. >> the national transportation safety board will give us an
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update on the weekend train accident that killed two workers. we're going to fwlaing to you live. the expectation is that around 5:00, investigators say the train was on automatic mode going from 60-70 miles per hour. officials say a trainee was operating that train that struck and killed a 58-year-old and 66-year-old on saturday. >> ntsb rereeld notices went to 405 employees. this is video showing investigators at sfo after the july 6th crash. hearings had been set for next month but moved to december. three people died as a result of the crash of asiana flight 214. 180 others were hurt. >> this is unusual. a construction firm hoping you
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might spot two excavating machines. the contractor believes the theft took place around 7:30 last night. other stolen pieces look like this. police believe they may have been loaded on to a trailer pulled by a truck. >> investigators want to find a missing couple. a fire gutted their rented out this morning. the fire broke out just before 2:30. our partner reports dwraents were due to be evicted today. police considered it sus spishus. >> today the polero refining company agreed to pay a $300,000 fine for air quality violations in its benicia refinery.
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violations included data base omissions and not taking samples of unburned gas on schedule. the district says no violation posed a threat to the public. >> interest in california's health insurance marketplace is picking up. 52,000 people called covered california hot line last week. 7 tlou more than previous week the problem has been fixed. so far, 125,000 californians have started april politics for that coverage. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is facing heated opposition in efforts to get state money to build a new jail. the board of supervisors is meeting to decide whether to approve the application. $80 million could help demolish the unsafe jail at the hall of justice then build a new plan.
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plans call for building a smaller jail next door. activists say services are needed but not expensive new lock out. >> sfr san francisco, residents complaining about sunday's nike marathon got a surprise. they were told to call 1-800-run nike if they wanted to complain. turns out the number is a phone sex line. the number is 866-run-nike. residents were angry about the announcements and music starting at 5:30 in the morning. the marathon had a start time of 6:30. >> that sound of the blue angels returning to san francisco part of the fleet week celebrations. the blue angels had to cancel shows this we're because of the sequestration cuts. the precision flight team will be performing on october 11th and 12th next year.
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of course, you'll hear and see practice runs. is it's a speck tackle. >> going to be great. we can't predict weather but know october is usually great. >> yes. blue skies out there? >> yes. blue skies right now. larry. here is live doppler 7 hdn much of the bay, blue skies now. we have fog along the coastline. and going to go beyond coastline. as a matter of fact a dense fog advisory from 11:00 tonight to 11:00 tomorrow morning. and driving conditions could be hazardous. bear that in mind. here is a live view of blue skies here at abc 7. current readings 53 in san francisco. 63 in oakland. mid 60s in san carlos. 74 in los gatos. only 50s in half moon bay.
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looking north, tornadoes in the 70s. 84 livermore, another live view looking towards mount diablo this, is our coastal fog this evening. fog spreading a bit over the bay during overnight hours, sunny, mild tomorrow in places but cool at the coast, highs at the coast only into upper 50s. >> thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 actress melissa mccarthy responding to the "elle" magazine cover. >> apple had a big event to show off new devices available for the holidays. we'll show what was unveiled coming up. >> and at 4:30 take a look at this. oh, my scary moment at a subway situation. a woman says led hefr to walk on to the tracks. >> goodness. >> at 4:00 it's magnificent. i'm not sure is everybody is
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light but it's light at the maze. you rarely see this. but everybody out there now, heading towards berkeley cars so yso you can happily let the grlife get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel
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banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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consumers expected to spend $600 billion during holiday shopping season. taking center stage is a new ipad with a new name. >> reporter: these devices apple would like to see under
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your tree this holiday season. some upgraded lap tops. but the battle will be tablet autos this is an incredible number. i can't think of another product that comes so far, so fast. >> with more growth in mind april rel unveiled an ipad air. it's lighter, one pound versus 1.4 pounds and thinner, thinner than a spence pencil a. >> the team has been remarkable, finding every hundredth of a millimeter. >> apple says it's fastest of all. >> ipad has the same it's popular as a lap top. >> depending on storage connections ipad air starts at $499, topping out at $929.
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>> i think apple democrat stated -- demonstrated harder is worth paying for. >> there is a new ipad mini coming up. >> i think the other tablet makers are going to have a sad christmas. i think apple is going to do well this christmas. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> as for what to watch on that new ipad, ashton kutcher has a new tech gig. >> emily chang is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. emily? >> good afternoon, apple unveiled mac book pro. and that is to stay ahead in a clouded tablet market.
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shared lowered by a quarter percent. starbucks looking to give a jolt to operations, wanting to find the same web technology to provide wi-fi to operations by networking coffee makers, refrigerators and other appliances. and the world's top computer maker says kutcher will join the nobel where the company may reveal a new tab blet commuter. stocks rising sending s and p to the best yearly gain in a decade. your bloomberg silicon valley also fell. and according to statitsa, vine is the world's fastest growing app. the revamp of partnership
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helped vine attract 24 million users, helping it to grow by more than 400% this year. from bloomberg studios in san francisco, larry, cheryl, back to you. >> thank you. >> bit of a surprise from san francisco giants and tim lincecum tonight. timmy agreed to return pending a physical. he has struggled past two years, posting a record of 10-14 with a 4.37 era this season. the end of the year, timmy said he would probably become a free agent just to see what is out there. there is speculation home time mariners would make him a huge offer but timmy decided to stay with giants, and now we know y a two-year contract reportedly worth $35 million total. >> yes. yes. >> that is a pay cut. he was making $40 million its
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not the unkindest cut of all. >> no. >> shall we look at weather? >> i think so. >> looking good. we have sunny skies out over the bay. some of the fog pushing across the bay. we have sunny skies inland locations. fog from mount tam spilling in through golden gate these are the features, fog becoming sense overnight. mild conditions tomorrow, conditions turning cooler thursday and friday. so just by a few degrees. satellite shows a large ridge of high pressure dominant feature now and will be with us. anything but dry in south
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pacific coast of mexico. hurricane raymond producing rainfall. good news is that storm weakening, raymond was a category three today, category one, sustained winds 75 miles per hour. and showing very little movement, expected over next couple days to move due west into cooler waters where it will weaken down to tropical storm strength and weaker than that beyond this coming thursday. overnight tonight, mainly clear skies here in the bay area. fog neert coast. low temperatures low to mid-40s up in the north bay. mid to upper 40s in the north bay. and 79 in morgan hill, 72 san mateo. cool on the coast. and partly foggy as of 54 in
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pacifica. cool along the north coast. highs low to mid-50s but inland north bay will see highs around 80 degrees tomorrow into most locations. 75 union city. 76 fremont. and here is the accu-weather forecast mild weather will be with us throughout the week. the coast will remain cool with highs only into upper 50s to 60s, then next week, all areas starting to cool down. more clouds coming into the weather picture but still no rainfall. >> up next, kimye ready to tie the knot. the proposal coming up. >> a prime piece of real estate mainly many senior
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citizens with no place to go. >> another live look at traffic. oncoming traffic is northbound, thick as the top part of the screen but thing out.
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actress melissa mccarthy is throwing cold water on a controversy. "elle" magazine was criticized wearing a coat while others wore less clothing. mccarthy says she doesn't hr understand and says she chose to wear the coat say swhaegz tired of summer and wanted to wear cashmere. >> this is a scene as kimye made it official, renting out at and t park to propose to kim kardashian in front of family and friends. and hired an or chess stra as well. you can see it in this you tube video. yesterday was her 33rd birthday. her hair dresser posted this picture. that is a 15 carat diamond
4:25 pm
ring them have a 4-month-old girl named north as in northwest n case you're wondering the cost of renting out the park starts at $200,000. >> wow. you do keep up with the kardashians. >> yeah. i'm locked in. >> a surprise, no elimination. >> there is a glitch in counting the votes last week so they decided won't be fair to send anyone home. and let's start with perfection. elizabeth berkeley dancing the cha cha. her hips are hypnotic. in sports i use the phrase showing up, showing up angry.
4:26 pm
>> i have seen you do that. >> that is how brad doherty looked. prince of darkness. described as a dancing ken doll. which doesn't sound ferocious. but that was 28 points. >> yes. the duo played the samba. >> yes. he only gave her eight. others were ready to go. and corbin did an intense waltz. >> i'm watching now. >> okay. >> that is referring to -- looked like conan the bar barin. i can tell from you years of dance experience. only 23 points there and nobody eliminated.
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yes. she's laughing. >> that is i guess very to stick with leah or jack osbourne, i'm hedging. >> we have to move on. still ahead at 4:00... >> how is the commute going now? we're going hear from riders after the strike coming up next. >> plus, we're learning more about the students who opened fire at a nevada middle school. why parents may now face charges. >> and later on, how did sponge
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pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. breaking news had in a deadly accident that took the life of a woman sun bathing in a san francisco park run over by a city worker. park and rec worker turned himself in to authorities, facing charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run. >> the accident occurred last month at holly park. she was sun bathing on a hill when he drove on to the grass and rolled over her. >> more than 100 senior citizens may be kicked out of a mobile home park because the owner wants to sell to it a
4:31 pm
developer. >> vic lee joins us live from win chester ranch mobile home park with the story. vic? >> reporter: the story line is about the sale of a piece of property. the real story is about human impact of that sale, and precedent it may start for other parks in san jose. the fact it might become open season for them, too. win chester mobile home park sits on prime real estate. across the street santana row with high end businesses and restaurants. the park is beautifully landscaped with 100 attractive homes. the strets have quaint names like dry yard drive, prune way, for the seniors here, it's you an ideal retirement community its been a place in heaven for us, affordable for senior
4:32 pm
autos most residents are over 706789 eight more than the 90. all own their home homes. dave bought his 37 years ago. he pays about $1,000 for the space and utilities. much cheaper than a senior apartment building. >> you get a tiny space for almost $3,000 a month? one meal per day? i can't afford that. >> the family that owns the park is planning to sell to it a builder who likely will convert this into a huge development. seniors have come up with another option. >> we'd like them to sell the park to us. we'd like to remain a place for us to live. >> the residents next battle ground may be san jose city council needs to change the zoning before a commercial development can be built here. the owner of the park did not
4:33 pm
return our call. >> the first afternoon commute now underway after the bart strike called off. how riders are doing today and joins us live from san francisco embarcadero bart station with he more. >> i'm seeing happy commuters now. one woman said i love the souchbd a bart train in the morning that. is a first. now, trains really didn't get started until 5:42 this morning. this morning a union tweeted we don't have enough people yet but we're worth r working on it. a few early commuters have had to yaus other transportation.
4:34 pm
people said using transit carpools or got on the ferries almost all of them, i'll tell you said there is no substitute for bart. period. >> like heaven. you know? you're going to get there on time. you can relie on bart. bart is a wonderful thing. >> this morn something wow. felt awesome. i stood all the way yesterday, i'm not a young lady. >> many people said it should have been avoided but how quickly people forget. again, and they're very willing to forgive. very happy people on that train to go home. >> leanne, thank you. a lot of reaction since this began using hash tag dear bart.
4:35 pm
people were really sounding off. >> now these are finally worth something, commuting starting to look more normal leaving many feeling relief and some aren't ready to bury the hatchet. >> it was a bad situation for us. >> dear bart i wasn't happy about sitting in traffic yesterday. not a big fan. but i understand if you're unhappen yeechl but don't strike bit. >> dear bart, i could not go to school for two days and it was important to go to school. so appreciate it if you do not go on strike again. >> dear bart, muni takes too long. we have places to go. >> dear wart bart. so glad the strike is over. now i don't have to wake up
4:36 pm
aat 4:00 in the moshing. >> ray tweeted dear bart, thank you for waking me up at 4:00 a.m. fr a 10:00 a.m. job. michael casey tweeted thank you for ending the strike. catherine tweeted dear bart werk still hate you bart thank you for running again but next time, try to be more adult bit. >> if you have something to say about bart send us video and be sthour use hash tag dear bart. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> investigators trying to determine what prompted a deadly shooting in a middle school in sparks, mef nef. -- nevada. authorities are trying to understand why the 12-year-old opened fire killing a teacher ask wounding two classmates before turning the gun on himself. police aren't sure where that 9 mm handgun came from but believe it longed to his parents.
4:37 pm
>> i've been in contact with the parents. out of respect for them, we will not be releasing the identity of the shooter. they are grieving parents and are going through a difficult time. >> authorities say the parents could face charges if the police determine the boy got the gun from home. classmates indicate the boy may have been bullied but don't know if he had been targeting anyone two. students are expected to full rerecover from wounds. >> police say math teacher michael lancebury died trying to save students saying he saw the boy shooting two students and stepped in to try to stop him. he is a former marine who survived several tours in afghanistan, he was a member of the nevada national guard. police say if it hadn't been for him, there would have been more casualty autos true hero. still ahead at 4:00 it wasn't a victory.
4:38 pm
one parent calls a high school football game an act of bullying. >> first, finders keepers. a 14-year-old finds a priceless souvenir during a trip to a park. >> the fog spilling through golden gate. there is potentially bad driving problems overnight. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> another live look at the commute. skyway in downtown, what are you saying about eastbound traffic? >> i think we can walk faster than traffic is moving. >> we have seen traffic on the righthand side towards 280, bottled up so it's not looking too good. stay with us.
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a family day trip to a state trip in arkansas proved profitible for a 14-year-old girl. she spent a few hours at crater of diamond state park saturday with her family. she was hoping to be like a young boy who found a 5 carat diamond there. she was about to quit and spotted something. it turned out to be a 3.85 carat canary diamond worth thousands. >> they said, they hadn't found one like this in a very long time, my heart just stopped. i named it god's jewel. i think god letd me towards it. >> she says she'll put knit a
4:42 pm
ring or maybe use to it pay for college. depending on the value. 75,000 diamonds have been found at that park since it opened in 1906. >> let's go! >> spencer do you want to come with us? >> i'm ready right now. here is a look at diamond-like weather conditions. a little fog at the coast. sunny skies inskplnd out over the bay. nice and bright and sunny. northeast we'll see rain and showers. sunny mild over the remaining portion, here, sunny skies and coastal clouds along south coast. warm down south z mild on the coast. high 74 in los angeles. 80s throughout central valley. 65 in monterey. here in the bay area we have a dense fog advisory sunny skies
4:43 pm
to lower mid-70s around the bay. low to mid-80s warmest inland locations so going to be a nice mild day tomorrow. and looks like it's going to hold on on until the weekend. >> caught on video. what caused this woman to walk out onto the tracks. >> also, controversial gravesite of an iraq war veteran, taken down. >> if you want free shipping from
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poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. as many as 10 cases of missing children being looked to see if they're connected to the young girl found living in a camp in greece. the girl is known as mariea. abduction and forgery charges filed against a couple in this picture. a heart breaking aspect of the discovery is that families of missing kids believe she could be theirs, including one
4:47 pm
couple in missouri. >> we started doing comparison pictures side by side on the computer and we waent head and just focused on lisa's face instead of hair color. that is when we started to notice the resemblance. >> their daughter was 11 months old when she disappeared. >> a 31-year-old boston woman lucky to be alive after sleep walking in an unusual, and dangerous place. this is surveillance video. police report says she fell asleep on the bench and sleep walked off the edge. no trains were coming at the time. others were able to come to her rescue. >> that is mazing. >> officials in a cemetery are standing their ground in a
4:48 pm
dispute with a family of a iraq war veteran. a cemetery is refusing to back down perfect a decision to order removeal of a sponge bob headstone that graced the gravesite of the 28-year-old. she adored the cartoon character. the cemetery ordered the $13,000 headstone removed >> so happy and pleased and this is what my daughter wanted. everything she loved. >> walker survived two tours of duty only to be killed in colorado this year. allegedly by her boyfriend. the precedent says the employee made an error in judgment. the city has been getting a lot of reaction on our facebook page.
4:49 pm
>>. a parent in texas taking an extraordinary step after his son's high school football team lost their last game 91-0. the parent from western hills high school filed an official complaint against coaching staff of the high school accusing that team of bullying. the parent says the coaches should have instructed players to ease up. the coach says he did take steps to try to keep the score down. he played a bunch of back up players and let the:00 run but says there are things he will not do. >> never ask your kids not to play hard. i would never tell them go out there, let them score. >> there is >> the bearcats were perfect coming in, winning by 66-8, western hills winless. so far, this year there have
4:50 pm
been outscored. so getting beaten >> yes. >> you can understand sentiment. >> shoppers love free shipping, right? i do. the retailer going to make free shipping harder to get. >> that story, like anything, free. >> free ship ing vestors have been saying can we make more money if we're charged? it's not popular. but am ska raising the bar for free shipping. amazon offered free shipping with a minimum of $25 now have you to spend 35ses today get delivery. the change comes just as holiday shopping about to take off. and that free shipping helps
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boost sales. you pay $79 a year. there is a big price break in stores, however, triple a says the average price could drop as low as 3.15s ndz december about 20% per gallon less. what is the reason for this? our supply of domestic soil oil is higher than expected. finally, can you get fired for wearing highlights in hair? a former bait wait fres tres in a hooters company says she was fired for putting blonde highlights. her lawsuit claims she was ordered to remove lawsuits but didn't have money to do it. she says she was fired as a result. >> i didn't see that it would be a big issue just because there were a lot of other employees working at the
4:52 pm
restaurant of other race was color in their hair. there were asian girls with red hair, and caucasian girls with black hair and blonde streaks. i didn't think it would an issue. >> when asked about the lawsuit hooters said it dmot comment on pending litigation. >> right in your home, so, coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00 i team up with consumer reports to find out which ones are the best for your money, they're not cheap. >> those are expensive technology, amazing. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you. >> can't wait to see that. thank you. >> coming up next a major break through in a battle against baldness. >> how koit lead to future treatments. dr. richard beser will weigh in. >> coming up at 5:00 damaged and stunning graffiti in a bart station.
4:53 pm
officials pouring over surveillance video looking for clues as to who is responsible z two officer involved shootings in the bay area we'll have latest on that coming up at 5:00 but news
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to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california.
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the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. tonight, marvels agents of shield. at 9:30 followed by scandal at 10:00 then join us at 11:00. baldness is a problem plaguing millions of men, presently has no cure but there could be new treatments that bring hope to those who agonize over hair loss. >> researchers have announced a possible revolutionary break through in the treatment for baldness to grow new human hair. >> this is the first time we've been able to use human cells into human skin to induce new follow cells. >> the doctor teamed with
4:57 pm
researchers from durham university. scientists tibl grow hair that lasted six weeks on human skin, grafted on to backs of mice. current treatment was slow hair loss moving from one area to another but don't stimulate new growth. dwrorktz say research could lead to break throughs in area others. >> what they've 2k3w09d ever got here is they figured out how types of cells operate. this is a really big advance. >> the research could benefit men in early stages of baldness, as well as women with a limited number of hair follow cell autos should become available in z.april politicable to all types of hair loss. >> there are many issues that need to be worked out before actual treatment is available. the color, and texture of the hair and what angle it grows.
4:58 pm
human trials at least a couple years away. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. vandals sneak into bart stations and leave a shocking mess. transit freightors are stuck. >> breaking news charges filed for a gardener after police say he ran over a woman in a city park. >> why the home of the giants fosters a frenzy on social media. >> i'm sandhya patel. morning commute will be slow going because of this. where the dense fog is going up in just a few minutes. >> that is the sound that hasn't been heard five days. it's a welcome one for hundreds of thousands of bay area commuters.
4:59 pm
>> the end of the strike in just a moment. but first accident this weekend. >> these are the live pictures. we're expecting a briefing from a national transportation safety board on the bart accident this that killed two workers. >> we're going to take to you this news conference so stay with us. as we said bart is back. >> that is right. there is so much to still work out but at least trains are still running. >> bart and unions are meeting to finalize details right now. >> yes. they're in building here behind me. the caltrans building were negotiations were underway this, is where bart and union leaders are hammering out final details on the agreement and what both sides say. we know bart threw money at the baseball at the last minute. we're told it's probably not enough to prompt a fare
5:00 pm
increase its an improvement over bart last and final offer. >> one day after reaching the agreement, one union leader says she believes it's a deal membership will approve. >> so this is a significantly better offer. but i'm going to let members make that determination. >> we're all pleased. that the trains will be running tomorrow. >> the general managers says the district spent more than it wanted to, more than $57 million. management set on wage and benefit that offer included a 12% raise over four years workers contributing more to their pension and health care. >> this offer is more than we wanted to pay but also a path in terms of our partnership. >> neither side would release details until members have a


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